Modifying your vehicle’s audio system is as easy as picking up a catalog or going online.  But you need to know what will work for your vehicle.  A head unit for a Chevrolet Camaro might not work for a Honda Accord.  So it is good to find out what audio pieces will work with your vehicle and get the appropriate pieces.


When putting together a custom audio system for your vehicle, you need to look at the big picture.  Are you just going to get a better head unit and leave the rest alone?  Or are you going to go all the way and get the Speakers, Amps, Subs, etc, as well to make a well rounded system?  Depends on your budget and the vehicle you are putting it into.  A Cadillac Escalade can handle alot of sound equipment, but a Geo Metro can’t.  So plan your system smart and make sure the audio products will work together and work for you. When you’re working on your system it’s important to keep your tools organized, using pegboard is a good way to keep your audio equipment sorted.

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